School Programs

Want to amp up your STEM program?  We have learning modules and after school programs for grades K-12.  Here are some of the programs we can implement with you.

Coding Clubs

Coding Clubs are a great way to learn to code, develop cooperation skills and have a lot of fun.  All you need is the desire to explore this topic with your students.  We can help you with all you need to know to have your club up an running in no time.   We can also help you with coding activities like the Hour of Code and a Code Expo.  The biggest challenge will be trying to accommodate all the kids who want to join!


Intro to Robotics K-3

Make STEM fun with and in classroom learning module that talks about robotics and engineering in an engaging and easy to understand lesson that will have the students creating their own “robot bug” that moves around on it’s own!  Targeted at Kindergarten through 3 grade students.


Intro to Robotics 4-7

Introduce students to the robotic concepts of Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Programming.  Get some hands on experience with some of those concepts while building their own “robot bug”.  This activity can easily integrate with other lessons such as electricity, circuits and the physics of motion.


After school Robotics Club

Students as young as 3rd grade can engage, enjoy and build computational thinking skills while creating robots.  Robots are a fantastic platform for teaching mechanical and electrical concepts, programming and creative thinking.  Students learn how to troubleshoot and the power of using models to solve problems.  There are robot kits suitable for any age group.


Introduction to Programming

Learning to code is an extremely valuable skill to learn.  We don’t expect every child who learns about science to be a scientist, but we know that the information can help them be better bakers, teachers or plumbers.  Learning to program can help students in many ways and opens their eyes to many possibilities.  There are fun and engaging learn to program options for every age group.  They can be integrated with existing curriculum or an after school activity like the robotics club.  Why not try the One Night of Code and see what it’s all about?