KISD Science Teacher Raspberry Pi Kits

Congratulations on your new Raspberry Pi and accessories.RPI_logo

Your Teacher Kit consists of;

  • Raspberry Pi model B
  • 8GB Class 10 SDHC memory card
  • 5V 1.8A micro USB power supply
  • Clear Plexiglas Raspberry Pi case with opening top
  • HDMI to DVI video cable
  • Storage case

Your SD card has been pre-imaged with the most current Linux version of Raspian Wheezy and several small customizations to make your kit is plug and play. Just insert the SD card, connect USB mouse, keyboard, video cable and lastly the power cable and your Pi should boot to the graphical user desktop.

To keep from corrupting your SD card image make sure you use the shutdown icon to  shut down your Pi before removing power.  If you do corrupt your image (it won’t boot) you will need to build a new one.  The instructions to do that are here 

No audio is transmitted through the DVI connector.  If you need audio for your project you will need to use;

  • headphones or
  • connect a small powered speaker

Documentation for your Raspberry Pi can be found here


Your Raspberry Pi is setup to boot into a graphic desktop which works likes Windows.  If you need to connect in another way you will need the login information;

User:   pi

Password:   raspberry



Since your Science Kits were built there are new Raspberry Pi SD images available.  This means the operating system has been updated.  You can get the new version here.  Keep in mind if you overwrite your SD card with the new version you will loose the customization we have added like the Linux office suite, KISD Science desktop and several other internal settings that were made to make your kit work well out of the box.

You have another option to get the updated operating system.  If you open a Terminal X window and type:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade (answer yes when prompted)

these commands check your installed software for updates and upgrades then applies them in place – not need to start over.


Here or some online resources that may be helpful

These posts are specifically directed at teachers