Computer Science for All Students in HISD

Coding in Elementary School

HISD Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier

The largest school district in Texas – Houston Independent School District has signed a 3 year agreement with  One of the main goals of this partnership is to bring Computer Science education into every grade level. 

Link to HISD announcement

” Through the partnership

, HISD will find ways to integrate coding and computer science principles at all grade levels. Rather than focus simply on computer programming, the goal is to use coding to emphasize the underlying principles of logic, creative thinking and expression in all academic areas.”

“Coding is a way kids learn to communicate, but it’s also how they learn to think critically and to problem solve,” Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier said Wednesday during the Hour of Code celebration at Kolter Elementary School. “The Hour of Code needs to be expanded to the day of code, the week of code, the month of code, the year of code. This has to be part of the way we do business in HISD.”

As part of the celebration surrounding Hour of Code, presented $10,000 to Kolter Elementary for computer hardware that will help the school implement its computer science education plan. reviewed implementation plans submitted by schools across the country before selecting one winner from each state.

“The beauty of computer science is that it teaches you to think differently about difficult problems,” Cameron Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for, said Wednesday. “Computer science allows you to create technology, not just use it or consume it. Computer science unlocks the door to a magical place where you can create technology, games, websites, apps, and change the world.”

HISD is the seventh largest school district in the nation.