New Version of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation have produced a new version of the Raspberry Pi, it’s called the B+.  This is in addition to the existing model A and B designs.  As you probably have guessed the B+ is an update of the model B which came out about 2 years ago.

Here is the executive/administrator version of the changes;

  1. It’s based on the same chips so it runs the same software and isn’t any faster or slower.
  2. It costs the same (about $40)
  3. It’s the same size but many of the components have been moved around on the board so model B cases won’t fit the B+
  4. It has 4 USB ports instead of 2
  5. It uses a micro SD card instead of a standard SD card
  6. It has combined the audio and composite video port into one port, standard headphones will still work fine but you will need a different video cable if you want composite or “RCA” video.
  7. There are 40 GPIO pins instead of 26

    , the allows more project connection options

Below is a video showing you some of the differences

B+ from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.


This kind of cable will allow you to connect to the new audio/video connector to get audio and video to an old fashioned TV

audio and video jack for RPI_Bplus



Here is a link to the announcement where you can get more details.  There are more videos, schematics and comments on the new design.


If you were buying your first Raspberry Pi you should probably get the B+.  Just understand that most of the existing cases and some of the add on cards won’t fit the new units so your selection of options will be limited for a while.

If you already have a model B Raspberry Pi the only real questions are “do you really need the 2 extra USB ports” and will your other accessories work with the B+?

They will continue to make the model B as long as there is enough demand.