To have a Code Expo your first need to have coding clubs.  Having coding clubs at your school is great in so many ways. It helps students understand what coding/program is and let’s them try it in a fun way It exposes kids to one of the most important skills you […]

One of the Surprising Benefits of Teaching a Kid Robotics

Practical skills.   When teaching code and robotics to elementary school children we are usually focused on building their computational thinking skills, how to break down problems, how to think creatively.  Coding and robotics may be the best way to achieve these goals but there is another benefit.  Although it […]

Code And College Readiness

Forbes has a series of lists called 30 Under 30.  They highlight people in a given segment who are under 30 years old and who are influencing that segment.  One of the lists is called Code And College Readiness Are Reinventing Education On 30 Under 30 In the article Caroline […]

Batteries for your Robot

It seems like pretty much all our electronics projects take some kind of batteries.  At some point most people wonder if they should use the regular alkaline batteries or switch to rechargeables.  The sooner you evaluate your situation and make a choice the better. Many of you will be making this […]

Computer Science for All Students in HISD

The largest school district in Texas – Houston Independent School District has signed a 3 year agreement with  One of the main goals of this partnership is to bring Computer Science education into every grade level.  Link to HISD announcement ” Through the partnership , HISD will find ways to […]